Friday, June 08, 2007


Joyce is a woman in South Africa that Heikki and Minna employ to help with the household chores. Amoung other things she helps with the laundry. When I've stayed with them, she's done my laundry as well. Including ironing the shirts. I have a linen shirt which I like to wear when dancing. I usually don't worry about the wrinkles, which aren't all that bad after air tumbling. But then I saw what it looks like when ironed. Wow!

Last couple of times I washed clothes here, I ironed the shirts afterwards. They do look better that way, and it fixes a few edges that have always given me problems. But they don't look anywhere near as nice as when Joyce does them.

In San Franciso there are a lot of wash and fold places. There are very few laundry places here, but they are rare and expensive. I've only seen signs posting price per article, not price per kg. I wonder why there's the disparity. San Francisco isn't all that cheap a place to live.